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Feeln Festival 2024


Introducing the worlds most comprehensive and intimate festival

Imagine immersing yourself in a vibrant festival nestled within a UNESCO Heritage centre —a city steeped in over 500 years of rich culture and history. Here, amidst the bustling streets and storied landmarks, lies a unique narrative waiting to be unveiled—a tale of real music, real history and the people who make it.
Picture a festival unlike any other, held within this captivating cityscape.  An event that will bring you closer to your favourite stars and new talents alike. It's an event that not only introduces its visitors to the local culture, music, cuisine, and artistry but also serves as a gateway to the diverse tapestry of cultures spanning continents. From the rhythmic beats of Africa to the intricate flavors of Europe, Asia, and the Orient, this festival paints a vivid mosaic of global influences, showcasing how Afro-black culture has left an indelible mark on our world.

Welcome to the FEELn Festival—a one-of-a-kind international cultural extravaganza set to unfold in the historic Pelourhino district of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 


Are you Feeln it?


The Feeln Festival spotlights genuine artists who have honed their craft, aiming to share their stories, contribute to education, and offer authentic expression. While we do feature celebrated artists, our emphasis lies not in celebrity or hype, but in genuine artistry, true expression, and raw talent.

Representing 18 countries, including 7 African nations, the UK, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Jamaica, and more, our diverse lineup of artists and contributors continues to expand.

The distinctive format of the Feeln Festival ensures a closer connection with the artists and their talent than ever before, offering opportunities for real interaction and engagement.


The FEELn festival caters to all, inviting families and individuals alike, yet it particularly resonates with devoted enthusiasts of authentic music and genuine expression. It's crafted for those who seek a deeper engagement with music, craving a profound connection with the art form.

At the FEELn festival, you'll experience crystal-clear music, have the opportunity to interact directly with artists, ask questions, learn from their experiences, and witness their performances up close. This immersive experience ensures you feel intimately connected with the artists, creating an atmosphere where you're truly in their presence.


The FEELn festival is not just for the Family, but it is all about the family.  We recognize the importance of music and entertainment in the culture, we are committed to music and entertainment that enriches the whole family and brings people together, not divide or isolate them.

Families will  get discounted tickets and special privileges at the FEELn festival, they will also have first access to all the events.  We hope to see many families learning and engaging together.


Salvador is a UNESCO heritage centre with over 400 years of history and culture.  It has close ties to Africa and is full of tradition.  We aim to respect, explore and expose this culture and history to all those who attend the FEELn festival. We will be Showing the rich diversity in all aspects of Bahian culture by making sure there is detailed information available for all visitors to the FEELn festival, explaining the history and cultural connections of what you are watching, eating, experiencing and hearing.


At the FEELn festival we will have special concessions for the youth and students.  Allowing them to attend the FEELn festival and experience all that it has to offer for little or no cost.

We will also be donating to youth programs,  creating special mentoring events to educate, inspire and elevate the youth.

Feeln kids day at the FEELn festival


We will be bringing you international cuisine from Africa, Asia and beyond as well the best Brazilian cuisine at the FEELn festival.


No matter where you're traveling from, Salvador, Brazil, stands as an exceptional destination rich in culture, history, culinary delights, sunshine, beaches, music, art, and countless other attractions. Imagine all of this combined with the electrifying atmosphere of the Feeln Festival, nestled in the heart of Salvador's Pelourinho.

Experience a fusion of everything Brazil has to offer alongside groundbreaking entertainment and music at the Feeln Festival. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of Brazil, Africa, and beyond, and let the festival be your gateway to a world of wonder and excitement.


We pride ourselves on our uniqueness, as we wholeheartedly give back to communities, extending our reach not only in Brazil but also across Africa and beyond. Inspired by the ethos of LIVE AID, we harness the power of music and entertainment to serve as a catalyst for giving back, educating, uplifting, and supporting as many individuals as possible.

In the spirit of transparency, we meticulously identify projects, charities, and organizations that we aim to assist through the Feeln Festival, ensuring that our giving is clear and impactful.

When you attend the Feeln Festival, rest assured that your enjoyment transcends mere entertainment – you're also making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Your visit becomes a testament to the power of collective generosity and community support.




FEELn festival committed to sustainability
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Team FEELn

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