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100% non profit More than just a festival, it's a movement!



We are thrilled to present to you the inaugural FEELn Festival, a groundbreaking celebration of cultural exchange, artistic expression, and community engagement set in the heart of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in the Pelourinho. This FEELn festival promises to redefine the traditional festival experience, offering a unique platform for your brand or product to gain maximum exposure.


Why Sponsor FEELn Festival?

The FEELn Festival is not just another event; it’s an immersive experience that transforms the historic Pelourinho district into a vibrant tapestry of intimate performance spaces. As a sponsor, your brand or product could be showcased throughout the festival in various venues, allowing for maximum visibility and engagement.


Unique Opportunities for Sponsorship:

Each venue within the festival can be sponsored separately, providing a tailored opportunity for your brand to connect with our diverse audience. Your brand will have the chance to dress these venues to expose your message, service, or product, ensuring that your presence is felt throughout the Pelourinho FEELn festival circuit.

Emphasis on Interaction and Inclusivity:

Unlike conventional festivals, the FEELn Festival prioritizes interaction, education, and accessibility. Attendees can freely navigate the district, discovering hidden gems and stumbling upon unexpected performances around every corner. This creates countless opportunities for your brand to engage with our audience in meaningful ways.

Feeln festival
Feeln festival
Feeln festival
Feeln festival

Highlighting Diversity and Artistic Innovation:

The FEELn Festival showcases both established and emerging talent from around the world, ensuring a diverse and dynamic lineup of performances. By sponsoring our festival, your brand will align with our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and artistic innovation, reinforcing a positive message to our audience.

Capturing Unforgettable Moments:

Throughout the festival, attendees will witness spontaneous collaborations and jams between artists, creating unique, once-in-a-lifetime moments. These moments can be highlighted and shared on our networks, giving your brand valuable exposure to our engaged audience.

Culminating in a Spectacular Finale:

The FEELn Festival will culminate in a grand finale on a main stage in the Pelourinho, featuring some of the participating artists for a spectacular performance. This final showcase presents yet another fantastic opportunity for our sponsors to shine.

Join Us in Salvador!

Join us in Salvador for an unforgettable celebration of art, culture, and community at the FEELn Festival. Seize the opportunity to connect with thousands of tourists, attendees and locals, both in-person and online through our media networks, while also supporting a distinctive and impactful event.

  1. Each performance will be streamed to a global audience

  2. Each space will feature media screens outside, broadcasting segments of the show and your product.  

  3. Every element will be meticulously designed to bridge the gap between the audience and the talent, fostering a truly one-of-a-kind experience for both parties.


At the FEELn festival we have performers representing 18 countries including 7 African nations as well as artists from India, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Reunion Island, Jamaica and USA.  These artists will perform along side Brazilian artists and talent in the Pelourhino.


Unlike traditional festivals driven solely by profit, the FEELn Festival operates as a non-profit venture. This means that the majority of proceeds, after covering expenses, will be reinvested back into the communities of Bahia and Africa. Our goal is to provide vital assistance to those in need, support children’s education, and empower the less advantaged.

Transparent Giving:

Transparency is paramount to us. Prior to the festival’s commencement, we will publicly disclose a comprehensive list of the projects, charities, and individuals that will benefit from our contributions. This ensures accountability and allows our sponsors to see the tangible impact of their support.

A great look for your brand:

Aligning your brand or product with the FEELn Festival presents a unique opportunity to showcase your commitment to social responsibility. By supporting our mission, your brand will be associated with positive change and community empowerment, enhancing your image and fostering goodwill among consumers.

Your brand has the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility at the FEELn festival. We’ll be allocating special times for students, young individuals, and the community to enjoy the event at no cost, enabling them to fully engage in the festival without financial constraints. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to offering training programs and avenues for personal and professional development, empowering attendees to succeed both during and after the festival. Your brand can play a crucial role in this community initiative by sponsoring children’s transportation or participation in the FEELn festival, as well as extending the chance for those less fortunate to experience this enriching event.


As visitors step into the FEELn festival, they’re immediately enveloped in our profound connection to Africa, its vibrant culture, and its far-reaching influence. This bond isn’t just showcased through the significant presence of African artists gracing our stages but also in the deep-rooted historical ties between Africa and Brazil.  Giving your brand a great opportunity to align itself with Africa and its growth.

Brazil, home to a population of 218 million, with over half of its people tracing their roots back to Africa, stands as one of the largest black nations outside the African continent, second only to Nigeria globally. Recognizing this historical and cultural significance, it was paramount for us at the FEELn festival to honor this legacy.

Our mission is to cultivate a deeper appreciation for Africa and its enduring impact on Brazil. This presents an exceptional opportunity for our sponsors to expand their reach and engage directly with consumers in Africa, Brazil, and beyond—both at the festival and through our online and streaming media platforms. It’s an ideal moment to introduce new products or services to Brazil or Africa and market them to an ever-expanding global audience online.





While many festivals predominantly revolve around music, the FEELn festival distinguishes itself by offering a rich tapestry of entertainment. While musical performances will undoubtedly feature prominently, our event will also showcase dance, cuisine, fashion, sports, and art. These diverse elements will be presented in intimate spaces throughout Pelourinho, with the exception of sports and dance, which will take center stage in one of the squares, allowing for a larger format.

As a sponsor, you have the chance to seamlessly integrate your brand or message with a presentation that resonates most with your audience. If your business specializes in sportswear, sports nutrition, or training, why not consider sponsoring our FEELn festival’s sports training, education, and presentation hub in the vibrant Pelourinho? From direct sales to the public to online exposure through our websites, media platforms, and networks, we provide multiple avenues to amplify your brand’s visibility.



At the FEELn festival, we believe that experiencing music, food, and entertainment should be more than just a sensory delight—it should also be an 
opportunity for learning and cultural enrichment.

To ensure that our attendees gain valuable insights, we’re committed to providing comprehensive information on various aspects of the festival experience, including:

  1. Background information about the artists, including their cultural heritage and history.

  2. Details about the performance spaces, enriching the audience’s understanding of the context in which the artists are showcasing their talents.

  3. Insights into the connections between the presented art forms and their roots in Africa and Brazil, fostering appreciation for their cultural significance.

  4. Information about the countries or regions represented by the artists, offering a broader perspective on the global diversity of artistic expression.

  5. Explanations about the specific art forms, ingredients, or materials used by the artists in their performances, deepening the audience’s understanding of their craft.

  6. Guidance on how attendees can become further involved or learn more about the captivating aspects of the festival.


Why not consider sponsoring documents and brochures that encompass this vital information? These materials can also feature details about your product, brand, or service, demonstrating how it aligns with youth and community education initiatives.


The FEELn festival’s partnership with the City of Salvador a UNSECO world heritage centre, the Mayor, and the state of Bahia represents a significant collaboration aimed at showcasing the rich cultural heritage and attractions of Bahia to a global audience. By actively promoting Bahia, Salvador, and Brazil as premier tourist destinations, the festival 

distinguishes itself from others and strengthens its position as a unique cultural event.

The choice of Salvador the first capital of Brazil as the festival location adds to its uniqueness, given the city’s historical significance, with over 400 years of history and numerous attractions and landmarks. This historical backdrop, combined with the festival’s innovative format, promises an unparalleled experience for attendees.

Salvador’s diverse population, with a significant Afro Black community comprising 22.4% of the total population, adds to the city’s vibrancy and cultural richness.

The Government’s investment in establishing Salvador as the “Capital Afro” underscores its commitment to celebrating and preserving Afro-Brazilian culture.


The influx of billions of Reals into Bahia, driven by  
business and tourism and trade, highlights the region’s growing economic importance. Events like the FEELn festival play a crucial role in sustaining this growth by attracting tourists, business opportunities, and international interest to the state. 
Bahia stands as a burgeoning region within Brazil. This presents an ideal opportunity and timing to launch your product or establish your brand within an economy and region that is undergoing significant growth.


AUDIENCE BENEFIT - The presentation style and format of FEELn festivals may not appeal to everyone instantly. It caters to individuals seeking a deeper connection to the music and performances, allowing them to better understand the artists. While traditional festivals often evoke images of large crowds, loud noise, and expansive stages, FEELn embraces a distinct ethos. Our focus lies in providing an intimate experience where attendees can truly engage with the music, artists, and performances on a personal level.

FEELn offers an unparalleled opportunity. Attendees have the rare chance to be in close proximity to their favorite stars or emerging talents, hearing them clearly, engaging in communication, learning from them, and fostering a unique connection. This intimate atmosphere contrasts with the vast stadiums and arenas typical of many festivals.

In a world saturated with countless festivals offering varied experiences, we believe there is a genuine demand for the distinctive experience we provide. Our commitment to fostering genuine connections between artists and audiences ensures that our offering is both wanted and valued in the landscape of festival experiences.

In 1985, LIVE AID made a profound statement to the world: music and artists possess the power to unite humanity and raise millions for those in need. It underscored the joy people find in contributing to positive change while enjoying themselves. At the FEELn festival, we aim to uphold this legacy. Our audience can rest assured that their investment serves multiple purposes: benefiting themselves, aiding others, and enriching their community. It’s a win-win situation for the sponsor,ourselves the community and those attending.

The rich array of talents and performances showcased at the FEELn festival guarantees something to captivate every attendee. Our ticket pricing structure ensures flexibility, enabling our audience to either indulge in the full spectrum of FEELn experiences or select specific offerings to savor. Coupled with our conveniently located venue boasting easy access and various transportation options, as well as nearby amenities such as stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions, attendees and their families are assured a fantastic time at our event.

The FEELn festival provides an unparalleled opportunity for education and engagement, making it an ideal destination for the entire family. Attendees will consistently find themselves immersed in learning experiences throughout the event, emerging not only entertained but enriched with knowledge that enhances their life experiences and deepens their understanding of history, heritage, and personal journey. We aspire for this experience to inspire many, particularly the youth, to pursue greatness and make meaningful contributions to the world. 

Tourists journeying to the FEELn festival in Salvador will not only immerse themselves in this extraordinary event but can also integrate it into their itinerary of discovery in Bahia, 
Brazil. From the historic city of Salvador to the expansive beaches, rich cultural heritage, diverse cuisine, and vibrant music scene, Bahia offers an array of experiences waiting to be explored. The FEELn festival serves as an ideal, family-friendly, safe destination in one of the world’s most welcoming cities, boasting perfect weather and an abundance of entertainment options amidst a backdrop of endless sights and activities.



LOCAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT - In alignment with our commitment to community engagement, the FEELn festival will collaborate closely with the Mayor of Salvador and the city administration to support initiatives such as the Capital Afro program, fostering a sense of pride and delivering tangible benefits to the local community.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to giving back to the community from the outset, with plans already in motion to provide direct assistance and support to the people of Salvador. This commitment extends to actively contributing to social projects and organizations aimed at enhancing the well-being and prosperity of the local populace.  Your brand can be directly connected to these initiatives

STATE AND NATIONAL BENEFIT - The state of Bahia is becoming more popular with International tourist with many tourist focusing on the city of Salvador but also on the many beautiful regions and cities that Bahia has to offer.  The FEELn festival will positively promote Bahia to its global audience and shine a positive light on Brazil its various cultures and many attractions for tourists while also shinning a light on your brand or product.


  • Festival held in a globally recognized UNESCO centre and tourist hub

  • Sponsors can sponsor individual spaces at the festival

  • Sponsors can sponsor routes and regions at the festival

  • Your brand connected to Community giving and positive change

  • Your brand exposed to a global audience online and through social media

  • Your brand showcased to a global audience through our media channels

  • Your brand connected with a ground-breaking event

  • Sponsors can test or sell their products at the FEELn festival.

  • Sponsoring solutions for all sizes of business.


We are more than confident that we have the perfect sponsoring solution for your business or brand.  Contact us and we will work with you to create the perfect plan for you to achieve your goals with us at the FEELn festival

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