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Feeln Festival 2024

100% non profit More than just a festival, it's a movement!


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Freedom - Expression - Equality - Life - Network


Feeln festival brazil 2023
Bahia coat of arms
March 5TH - 9TH 2024, BAHIA, BRAZIL

The Feeln Festival is a 100% non-profit music, art and culture festival that starts in Bahia, Brazil, closely connected with Africa. FEELn stands for FREEDOM EXPRESSION EQUALITY LIFE Network.  The FEELn festival has one goal: to inspire, support, help, empower and educate young people and their families around the world, from 6 to 18 years old.  Although the focus is on youth and children in need, there is no discrimination, our goal is to help all young people.  The FEELn festival has several foundations and partner entities listed above that will help us achieve our goals, also the FEEln festival will work hand in hand with the State of Bahia and local communities.

How do we intend to do this?

  • We will have a lineup of musicians, artists, and performers from Brazil and around the world, showcasing a variety of genres, styles, and cultural traditions. From the biggest names to those you are not familiar with yet all performing equally.  A festival that does not celebrate celebrity, but we recognize it, with dozens of smaller, intimate stage areas creating a unique and dynamic atmosphere that encourages creativity, collaboration, and artistic expression. We focus on pure art and providing a platform for emerging  and unknown talent. Our festival will offer a refreshing alternative to more commercialized and celebrity-driven events.

  • Performances by a diverse range of artists, including musicians, poets, dancers, and visual artists, each given an opportunity to showcase their work in an intimate and interactive setting bringing the art closer to the people. 

  • Partnerships with local and global organizations like One Gaia, Thembelike Mandela Foundation, UCCMG and the  AsiAfrica Foundation that support people in need, cultural collaboration, and mental health including programs focused on education, health, safety, empowerment and opportunity for our youth.  Our goal is to bring youth from Africa, The Philippines, Jamaica, China, Hong Kong and India to the feeln festival in Brazil to collaborate, engage, compete and exchange with each other, Brazilian youth and the celebrities at the Feeln festival and raise funds for our charitable endeavors worldwide.

  • Collaborative and improvisational performances with artist and the youth blur the lines between different art forms and encourage experimentation and creativity for the youth to see what is possible and endeavor to be more. We use music to heal.  

  • A family atmosphere that encourages attendees to explore and discover new artists and art forms.

  • We are 100% non-profit.  Everything we earn is poured back into helping the youth, kids and their families worldwide.


Our festival is a celebration of hope and healing, bringing together youth in need with terminal illness and poverty from around the world to connect, create, and inspire. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space by building a youth village where all children and their families can explore their creativity and express themselves through music, art, and other cultural forms including sport. By fostering a sense of community, support and traditional values, we aim to bring joy and healing and a sense of purpose to youth who have faced significant challenges and hardships. We aim to help families and communities understand we are all one people in one world living and loving together. We are committed to accessibility, inclusivity, and true entertainment without politics and ideologies and strive to make our festival a life-affirming entertaining experience for all who attend. Our goal is to inspire a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience and recognize their transformative power through the arts and to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve starting with the youth.

Team Feeln

The FEELn Team

Stephen Ellis Project founder and director FEELn Festival

Stephen Ellis

Project Founder and Director of Feeln festival and network

Qadree El-Amin - Project ambassador and head of artist procurement and management FEELn Festival

Project ambassador, artist procurement and management

James wearing smith - Project investment manager, film development and organization

Project investment manager, film development and organization

Anestis - Head of cyber securtiy and finance

Project security, Head of Finance

Project art and film Ambassador/Manager

Project art and film Ambassador/Manager

Derreck Evans MBE - Project Ambassador and  head of health and Wellbeing

Project Ambassador and  head of health and Wellbeing

Alex boye - Project Mental health ambassador

Project Mental health ambassador


Africa/Germany FEELn Festival Ambassador 

Joselito Souza Junior - Head of AR, VR and Ai for the FEELn festival

Production Manager Brazil - Head of AR, VR and AI

Tre Goodrum - Head of Broadcast and streaming for FEELn Festival

Tre Goodrum

Project broadcast/streaming and production manager

Ndileka Mandela - Project Global ambassador, Africa Liaison Manager for FEELn Festival

Project global ambassador, Africa liaison manager

Jane Zhu - Project International Cultural Ambassador and Asia Liaison manager 

Project International Cultural Ambassador and Asia Liaison manager 

Leslie Loh - Project youth ambassador

Project international youth Ambassador - Project head of youth development

ROLAND AMOUSSOU - Project Ambassador and Head of International legal affairs

Project Ambassador and Head of International legal affairs

Callum Beattie - Project and event manager

Project and event manager

SELLO ISAAC TLADI - African media and artist manager - Project Ambassador FEELn Festival

African media and artist manager - Project Ambassador FEELn Festival

Lucie Nozizwe Jiyane Mother of Nations

International Goodwill Ambassador

Rom Gayoso PHD Head of FEELn film festival

Head of the FEELn Film Festival and Production manager.

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Feeln festival, brazil 2023

Want to know more?

There is much more to tell

Contact us and we will send you a full PDF document explaining everything you need to know about the FEELn festival.

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