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100% non profit More than just a festival, it's a movement!

Feeln Festival Brazil - Culture, Music, Dance, Film, Fashion, Art and much more
Feeln Festival Brazil - for the people of the favela
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What about the children?

"Everything is about the youth" are words from our youth ambassador Leslie Loh who has dedicated her life and her foundation One Gaia to helping thousands of kids around the world.  Now as One Gaia Joins the FEELn festival we will be expanding her efforts significantly by assisting, educating, inspiring and supporting Children, youth and families in need wherever we can around the world.  This is what the FEELn festival is all about.  Below are some of the ways we shall work to help youth, children and communities in need globally.

Leslie Loh (one gaia) FEELn festival Childrens ambassador
FEELn festival - Helping Children in need

Emergency assistance

FEELn festival and our partners One Gaia will send emergency provisions, funding and assistance to youth, and communities in need in the wake of natural disasters, or emergencies.  This is why your donations are so important as they allow us to help more children in need.

Our focus is not only on emergency assistance.  We are constantly helping children in need in all ways including medically to achieve, dream and succeed.

FEELn Festival - Bringing education and inspiration to children worldwide


Without the right education youth have little chance anywhere.  Through our partners One Gaia Foundation we are providing disadvantaged children around the world with the tools they need to get educated.  From building schools to providing the materials they need to learn FEELn will try to be there to help as many children as possible

FEELn festival - Helping children through sport, music and art

Music, Art, Sport

The Gaia games is just one example of how we will use music, art and sport to inspire, encourage and elevate children around the world.  We will be flying hundreds of kids, youth and their families into Brazil for the FEELn festival not only to take part in the Gaia games there but also to create and engage together and with artists and participants at the FEELn festival.  A once in a lifetime moment for hundreds of kids that will change their lives and perspectives forever.

Feeln festival for the youth


Feeln Festival Brazil - Culture, Music, Dance, Film, Fashion, Art and much more


Our aim is to bring hundreds of youth and children along with their families from Africa The Philipines, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, China and several other countries whom the youth of Brazil will accompany to the FEELn festival Youth Village to engage, compete, perform and excel at the FEELn festival.  Our youth village will be a unique space for the youth to work together, rehearse, grow and learn, sharing experiences, culture and growth.  Some will perform live on stage with stars, some will compete in the Gaia Games, and some will display their art and work at the FEELn festival.  All of them will be involved in the FEELn festival in some form.

The experience will be documented for a special FEELn festival documentary showing the journey of the children, their experiences and challenges as they take part in the FEELn festival, reach their goals and learn about different cultures and peoples from around the world first-hand. 

We need your help to achieve this great undertaking.  You can sponsor a child by contacting us, helping them to have an experience of a lifetime that will stimulate their growth and help them go forward forever more.  Contact us now about sponsorship.


Feeln festival kids event
favela kids event gallery

FEELn Favela kids easter event

Ahead of the FEEln festival on Dec 5th 2023 we will be doing many small events around the world to engage, elevate and assist the youth and their communities .  Take a look at our Gallery for the Favela kids easter event in Itinga, Bahia, Brazil.  In association with UPMI steam learning centers brazil, and Estella's Brilliant Bus we organized a special event to bring some smiles and joy to the kids in the Favela of Parque Santa Rita, Itinga, Bahia, Brazil with the help of One Gaia and the local government.  Special thanks to our FEELn team in Brazil for all their hard work in making this a success. Click on any picture to download it.

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