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100% non profit More than just a festival, it's a movement!

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Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Co-Founder & President Dr. Roland Amoussou

Asiafrica Foundation

ASIAFRICA Foundation (ASAFO) is the world’s first foundation with a
vision to bridge development & cooperation between Asia & Africa. It
started in 2006 as an Asia-Africa Initiative hosted by the Asian Institute
of Technology (AIT) in Thailand with cooperation from the United Nations
(ESCAP - Bangkok) for higher education in science and technology.
A non-profit, non-governmental and neutral organisation to play a vital
role in raising funds, promoting activities and facilitating cooperation
between Asia and Africa.
Asiafrica Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization
registered in Thailand. ASIAFRICA is currently involved in impact projects
with high social value creation in education, science and technology,
Leadership and human capital, culture and society, and bridging

Co-Founder & President Dr. Roland Amoussou
Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Director - Jane Zhu

UK China Culture and Media Group (UCCMG)

UCCMG® culture and media group here to help audiovisual, cultural,
and creative professionals and companies reach new international opportunities, markets, and audiences, offering a platform for a creative
business to enter the global cultural market supporting the development
of Eastern-Western cross-culture cooperation and networking.

UCCMG - Director Jane  Zhu
Thembekile Mandela foundation
Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Leading like Mandela
Founder Ndileka Mandela

Thembekile Mandela foundation

Thembekile Mandela Foundation was established in 2014 by Ndileka
Mandela, eldest grandchild of the First Democratic President of the
Republic of South Africa the Late Nelson Mandela with the objective to
continue the Legacy of her Grandfather in improving the quality of lives
of South Africans through Education and Healthcare. Continuing the
legacy of Nelson Mandela Thembekile Mandela Foundation (TMF) Focuses
on improving the Lives and Supporting the Sustainable Development
of Individuals and Communities in South Africa and the Continent
through Leadership Development, effective Education and Healthcare
key sectors Nelson Mandela defined as pillars to build a Nation…

Thembekile Mandela Foundation - Founder Ndileka Mandela
Shlepp Entertainment Ltd
Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.png

Simply hard work
Director and Founder - Stephen Ellis

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

For more than three decades Shlepp Entertainment Ltd has been
quietly going about it’s business in the entertainment industry breaking
down doors, creating history and challenging boundaries. It has done
so in China, the USA, Europe, and Africa and continues to do so today. Its
philanthropic and charitable endeavours range from prison ministry
to helping the youth in Brazil and educating children worldwide
through STEM teaching programs and schools. The motto for Shlepp
Entertainment Ltd and its Co-Founder and Director Stephen Ellis is
simple: ‘Hard work’. ‘That’s how we came up with the name for the business, we were determined from the beginning to work harder than
anyone else out there.’

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd - Director and Founder - Stephen Ellis
Onfire Netwoks
Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

More than just a streaming company.
Director and Founder - Tre Goodrum

Onfire media

More than a streaming company!
OnFire Networks is a global technology company specializing in digital distribution and cross platform marketing.
OnFire is designed to broadcast With 360 immersion, vertical ad placement integration via, LIVE, VOD, SVOD  (Video On Demand, Streaming Video On Demand) and DVM/ MRM (Digital Video magazine/ Mixed Reality Magazine , coming soon) through Cellular/WiFi and Internet to 151 countries through smart devices by our free app. We target specific points of interest and point of sale for commercial clients or consumers.

Tre Goodrum Director and founder of Onfire Networks
Stark netwoks
Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Driving future decisions
President - James Wearing-Smith

Stark Networks

Driving future decisions

Stark Networks is a private family office working with leaders, project planning, development, implementation and management; balancing investment criterion with sovereign funding, government approvals, venture capital, private equity and traditional financing mechanics; leading edge systems utilising smart cities architectures, district energy systems, smart technologies, green energy solutions for cooling and heating large-scale infrastructure projects.

President - James Wearing-Smith
Feeln festival Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Founder Director - Anestis Mantzouranis


Located in Sydney, EME Consulting is, by design, a boutique Contract Project management provider focused on providing "End to End Project and Professional Services" to corporate organisations and Enterprise.

This boutique nature, and our `Dynamic Workforce' strategy means we are always `Right Sized' to meet the project requirements in a nimble and agile way without added administration or internal bureaucracy. Rather than many internal staff for example, we prefer affiliations and alliances with the right expertise to execute any project and give you the deliverables that meet your specifications on-budget, on-time, every time!

Founder Director - Anestis Mantzouranis
Rom Gayoso Futures Network
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