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100% non profit More than just a festival, it's a movement!

Feeln artist web background 01.jpg
Feeln artist web background 01.jpg
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Perform at FEEln

The FEELn festival aims to be just a

little bit different.  We want to showcase

the best singers, dancers, chefs, artists

and designers from around the world. 

We want to showcase this talent in

the best way

possible, big or small,

superstar or local act,

if you are great we

would love to show

you to the world. 

If you would like to perform

or display your talent at

the FEELn festival contact us

using the contact form below.

carol and leslie feeln web background

Register to perform at the FEELn Festival

Fill out this quick registration form and send it to us.  We will get back with you quickly.  We want to show all types of art forms and expressions at the FEELn festival in Brazil.


Tell us about yourself 


If you are having a problem with our registration document you can download our talent information pdf fill it in and send it back to us here




Do you have a a PDF or document, pictures or video that you wish to send us about you?  Upload it here.  Make sure all your information is clear in any files that you upload, for example name of your act or brand and contact details.

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