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FEELn Festival: Gaia games site in Jamaica revealed.

Sport is a big part of the FEELn festival with the biggest Gaia Games ever taking place at the FEELn festival in Brazil 2023. The Gaia Games (created and run by Leslie Loh and One Gaia foundation) is an Olympic style games for the Youth focusing on team sports like Basketball and football. Tennis, Skateboarding and other sports will be added for the Gaia Games at the FEELn festival in Brazil.

The purpose of the games is to help the youth learn top level sport from professionals, work as teams and overcome their fears, disabilities and succeed. The brainchild of Leslie Loh, The Gaia games has now been implemented into the FEELn festival where we shall have hundreds of youth who are disadvantaged in some way from several countries taking part in the Gaia Games Brazil.

Leslie Loh recently returned from Jamaica where their Gaia Games is being planned and in this video you can see the site in Jamaica where the games will be held.

The Gaia Games started in the provinces of the Philippines check out the video below to see more from the first Gaia Games.

Find out more about The FEELn festival and the Gaia Games at


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